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Dr.Thomas Ngo

Head of Environmental Consultancy


Dr. Thomas is responsible for environmental consultancy services in DNAS. To this role, Dr. Thomas brings his strong background in environmental research, training in Singapore and over 12 years of experience in connection with independent environmental consultancy in Singapore and Vietnam. He is extensively experienced in mainstreaming environmental and social safeguard in various sectors of energy, urban, rural development, transport, water and sanitation, health and education… into projects funded by Government and International Sponsors (WB, ADB...).

Especially, with profound experiences with international best practice while working in ODA projects, he provides environmental due diligence (EDD) services that are important to companies, enterprises for their environmental friendly operations as well as in M&A transactions. With expansion of DNAS advisory services, he also extends his overall manging liabilities in providing consultancy in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects and supporting throughout registration process of certification of emission reduction(CERs).