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JMR Infotech is classified as one of world’s first Oracle Platinum Partner with Financial Services and full FLEXCUBE Specialization. JMR Infotech focuses on end-to-end solutions and services for building, running and growing banking technology environment. JMR Infotech offers entire stack of Oracle Financial Services Software’s solution offerings including FLEXCUBE suite of products and Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA). 

Key objective of JMR Infotech is to help banks and financial institutions to setup an ‘Extended Arm’ of their own for banking solutions implementation, management and support unit with enhanced quality of support at extremely reasonable cost. This unique ‘Extended Arm’ engagement model brings in the best of in sourcing and outsourcing and negates the disadvantages of both.

DNAS Lawyers is pleased to be JMR Infotech's legal advisor in providing market entry as well as other corporate services to promote JMR Infotech's business in Vietnam.


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