Environmental Consultancy

As environmental regulation is being stricter in Vietnam, DNAS has kept its pace with rapid growth of environmental compliance.  We provide our clients with sound and reliable counsel across a wide variety of environmental related matters, including:

- offer a wide range of environmental due diligence (EDD) services that provide buyers, sellers, developers, insurers, and lenders with the information necessary to effectively evaluate environmental risks associated with their transactions in various industries.  It is becoming a vital part of most M&A procedures in line with international green standards as well as Vietnam’s current dynamic market.

- conduct a wide range of environmental compliance documents to determine how your business activities are affecting  as well as benefitting  local communities and on a wider environment. These documents (Strategy Environmental Assessment (SEA), Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”), Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Environment Protection Commitment, Environmental Protection Proposal, and Environmental Monitoring Report .., ) that are also firmly required by government and/or international sponsors such as WB, ADB, JIBIC during the preparation and operation of relevant companies/projects in Vietnam.

- provide consulting service on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects and supporting throughout the registration process to have the certification of emission reductions (CERs).